Concepción Velazco Samperio

Executive Director

Conchita studied biology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), took the "Strategic Management of Environmental Policy" program at the University of California at Berkeley, has published several articles and participated in many symposiums, including “Awareness raising and training of human resources as a side strategy to reverse climate change”, in the collection entitled “Climate change. A vision from Mexico”, published by the National Institute of Ecology; and "Social perception of climate change. Studies and guidelines for environmental education in Mexico”, for the Universidad Iberoamericana.

She has been Tenured Professor of General Ecology and Deputy Professor of Ecology of Conduct in the Faculty of Sciences, at UNAM.

Conchita loves practicing Yoga and meditation and is passionate about Japanese Buddhism. So much, in fact, that she is a Reiki teacher. She dreams of continuing to share ideas, bringing people together and building positive projects that enhance our development as human beings.